Model, Domain Model, Relational Model, Keys (Super, Candidate, Primary)

What is a Model ?

Model is an Object. Anything that exists in the word can be called or represented in RDBMS as a Model.

For example, Car, Person, Employee, Telephone, Tree, Country, etc.

You may compare Model with Noun in human language.

It can represent…

Many blogger wants to have their own websites. Most of them think that creating and maintaining a website requires technical knowledge.

Today, we have many tools readily available to create a website. With zero or very little technical knowledge we can create websites.

In this story, I’m going to narrate…

In this story, we are going to see How to create REST endpoint using Jersey 1.x

Jersey 1.19.1 is the latest released version of Jersey 1.x

Let us use the single-JAR Jersey bundle to avoid the dependency management of multiple Jersey module JAR. [Jersey 1.19.1 JAR bundle]

Step 1. Create a Dynamic Web Project in Eclipse

Step 2. Download the Jersey 1.19.1 jar and copy into the folder ../WEB-INF/lib

Dynamic Web Project

Step 3. Update web.xm content

Marimuthu Periyannan

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