Deep Marketing Automation using ConvertKit, Typeform and Zapier

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5 min readDec 20, 2020

Conditional Email Content based on Tags — Deep digital marketing

In this article, you are going to see about the fundamentals deep marketing and how to implement using tools.

A practical example on Deep Marketing Automation using ConvertKit, Typeform and Zapier — Sending personalized email based on Customer’s answer to a survey.

What is Deep Marketing

Meeting the customer face-to-face; understanding customer’s pulse by asking set of relevant questions; pick a best suitable product; and explain how the product will work for him/her.

The Scenario

Let’s say you are conducting an online survey to understand customer pulse on Healthy Lifestyle.

Sample: [Survey Form](

The survey form contains the below 5 questions with multiple choice answers:

Q1. Do you check your phone upon wake up?

  • [x] Yes
  • [ ] No

Q2. How many hours do you workout in a week ?

  • [1–2 hours in a week]
  • [2–3 hrs]
  • [3–4 hrs]
  • [4–5 hrs]
  • Others

Q3. Do you have a balanced diet ?

  • Yes
  • No

Q4: What is the difficulty in following a healthy lifestyle? Healthy lifestyle is having balanced diet, exercise daily, good sleep?

  • I don’t have time
  • Lack of motivation
  • I really love food
  • I have trouble avoiding unhealthy snacks
  • I travel a lot
  • I work long hoursI want to start being healthy but don’t know where to start

Once you collected the answers, you have to categorize customers based on the answers to the 5 questions.

Then, you have to send email to each customer with personalized content.

From the above survey, you will be able to get { 2 X 5 X 2 X 6 = 120 } possible answer sets.

Which means, answers from 120 unique customers.

Now, you have got an opportunity to approach 120 group of people.

That means you can prepare 120 personalized email content.

Send the personalized email !!

Your customer feels that you are talking to him/her 1 to 1.

This is a technique of Deep Marketing.

How to automate Deep marketing using tools?

Tools — Typeform, ConvertKit and Zapier

Steps to automate this technique:

Step 1: Create Typeform

Create the Online survey form using Typeform


Step 2: Create ConvertKit Landing Page Form

- Signup to create ConvertKit account.

- Create a Landing Page & Form ( Home > Landing Page & Form > Create New)

- Choose a template (e.g., Abbey)

- [Step-A] Customize if you want; Save & Publish

- Note the URL of the landing page

- Share with your customers.

Step 3: Subscribers list in ConvertKit

Once your customers started submiting the form:

- Check your subscribers

- ( Home > Landing Page & Form > {SELECT-YOUR-LANDING-PAGE} > Subscribers

- You can add customers manually as well for testing purpose

- Click on a customer

- You will find only the fiels you added in [step-A]

- You have to add more fields — to map with Typeform fields. [Step-B]

- Save & publish.

Step 4: Zapier — Connecting Apps

Zapier (connecting apps — To Connect Typeform & ConvertKit)

- Signup to create account

- Create a new Zap

- Select 1st app (Typeform)

- Choose app & event (Typeform & New Entry)

- Choose account (your typeform account)

- Setup trigger (your typeform)

- Test trigger (you could see the subscriber details that you added manually)

- Note:

- Allow Zapier to access your Typeform account

- Choose which form you want Zapier to access

- Choose a triggering event (New Entry) => Each typeform submission is a new entry.

- Select 2nd app (ConvertKit)

- Choose app & event (ConvertKit & Add Subscriber to Form)

- Choose account (your ConvertKit account)

- Setup action

- (Form: your ConvertKit landing page)

- (Email: select mapping field for Email from the subscriber detailed pulled by Zapier)

- Map other fields (fields that you added in [Step-B])

- Note:

- Allow Zapier to access your ConvertKit account

- Choose the landing page & form for Zapier’s access

- Choose a trigger event (Subscribe to Form) => Map typeform & ConvertKit form fields.


- Turn ON the Zap.

- Share (Make a note of the share link for this Zap)

You are alomst done!

Step 5: Setup New Broadcast message in ConvertKit

Create New Broadcast message in ConvertKit

- Back to ConvertKit home page

- Click on BROADCASTS from the Top Nav bar.

- Click on New Broadcast button

- Who will this broadcast be from? (You should see your email id)

- Who will receive this broadcast? (Select All Subscribers)

- Note:

- You can also choose subscribers conditionally.

- Broadcast description ( a short description about the email you broadcast)

- click Next Step

- Email Subject ( subject of the email)

- Write your email content …

- body of the email goes here …

- you can use scripts for dynamic value (refer below example email-body)

Example email content;



{% if subscriber.first_name != blank %} {{ subscriber.first_name}}, {% else %} there, {% endif %}

Thank you for subscribing to Hema’sThoughts Newsletter!!

For the age group {{ subscriber.age_group }}

{% if subscriber.age_group contains “20 to 30” %}

Good news — in its third decade you body is primed for power sports and large muscle growth. Give yourself a pat on your potentially rippling back.

So swerve the cross trainer and head straight to the weights room to take advantage of a body primed for visible abs.

{% elsif subscriber.age_group contains “31 to 40” %}

You’re in good company. In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, scientists found that men who managed to maintain their weight for 40 years still gained 3 pounds of fat each decade — while losing 3 pounds of muscle. In other words, father time’s besting your body in the muscle and fat negotiations.

{% elsif subscriber.age_group contains “41 to 50” %}

You’re on the wane after 40, right? Ask 43-year-old Valmir Nunes, who completed the fastest ever time of the Badwater ultra-marathon — a 135-mile course in 50 degree heat across Death Valley. As he knows, greying hair comes with a side order of stamina

{% elsif subscriber.age_group contains “51+” %}

According to figures from 77 Nuffield Health gyms, sixty-somethings typically work out seven or eight times a month, making them the most regular gym users in the country.

{% endif %}

{% if subscriber.difficulty “I want to start being healthy but don’t know where to start” %}

Since you don’t know where to start; we suggest you to read our article which will guide you to start your journey.

Starting a Healthy Lifestyle

{% elsif subscriber.difficulty “Lack of motivation” %}

Don’t worry, we are here to motiviate you, please read the below article to know the power of weight loss.

Fundamentals of Weight Loss

Please contact us for further assistance.

{% endif %}

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