REST API using Jersey 1.x

In this story, we are going to see How to create REST endpoint using Jersey 1.x

Jersey 1.19.1 is the latest released version of Jersey 1.x

Let us use the single-JAR Jersey bundle to avoid the dependency management of multiple Jersey module JAR. [Jersey 1.19.1 JAR bundle]

Step 1. Create a Dynamic Web Project in Eclipse

Step 2. Download the Jersey 1.19.1 jar and copy into the folder ../WEB-INF/lib

Dynamic Web Project

Step 3. Update web.xm content

Step 4. Write First REST endpoint

REST Endpoint

Step 5. Add a Web Server (Tomcat)

Specify Server Locations, Port & Start the Server
Server Running

Step 6. Run the project (Jersey.v1) on Server

Step 7. Test the Endpoint (http://localhost:8484/Jersey.v1/rest/first/hello)

REST API invocation


Jersey Documentation

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