How to build author’s website ?

Marimuthu Periyannan
2 min readNov 3, 2020

Many blogger wants to have their own websites. Most of them think that creating and maintaining a website requires technical knowledge.

Today, we have many tools readily available to create a website. With zero or very little technical knowledge we can create websites.

In this story, I’m going to narrate how I created a simple website to publish my content. This story will be helpful for writers, bloggers who want to store their articles in their own website.

I’ve used the following approach to create a website and publish articles.

I created a website using VuePress.

I stored the website contents in Amazon S3 bucket.

I used this bucket to host the static website content.

My website was ready, but it was a simple static web application running on my local machine. The problem was this website was not accessible from another machine.

To make this website public to internet users, I decided to buy a domain and host the contents.

I bought a domain name from

I wanted to display the website which I created and stored in Amazon S3, whenever a user opens my website

Here is the trick !!

For that, I have used Amazon Route 53 service.

I’ve created a hosted zone which tells Route 53 how to respond to DNS queries for my domain is a domain provider who maintains a list of Nameservers.

Similarly, Amazon Route 53 also maintains a list of Nameservers.

I’ve updated the my domain’s nameservers with Amazon provided list

Entries to change in for my domain

My website ready !!

VuePress requires a little technical knowledge, you may want to try with WordPress as well.

Thank you for reading the story !! … See you in some other story :-)